Submit Your Book to Fables & Facts

NOTE: We're currently closed to submissions for the remainder of 2023.

First things first...

We are a traditional small publisher. We don't charge you for submitting or publishing your book with us. We only earn money from book sales. So, when you win, we win. 

Since we're still starting, we can't offer our authors advances at the meantime. That being said, we take charge of the entire publishing and marketing campaigns, and we help our authors build their platforms. Our authors are our partners, and we include them in every step so the publishing process will be smooth and transparent. 

If you submit your book, you'll be hearing back from us in 4-8 weeks. Keep in mind that we only publish a handful of books every year, which means we have to pass on most of the queries we recieve. Sometimes we offer feedback. Sometimes we can't. Please, be understanding. 

Now, to the nitty-gritties. Here's how you can submit your book. 

For fiction:

Send us an email at fablesandfact(at)outlook(dot com), including:

  • Your query letter
  • Full synopsis (including the ending)
  • First three chapters (Word or PDF)

Please, include any trigger warnings in your query letter. We're not currently accepting erotic or grimdark novels, and we don't work with books that have been previously published. 

Don't forget to include the word "query" in the email subject line. We do not accept physical submissions. 

For non-fiction:

Send us an email at yasmine.a.maher(at)fablesandfacts(dot com), including a full book proposal (not the manuscript). Don't forget to tell us more about yourself and why you wrote your book. We're excited to get to know you too!