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Jonathon Kendall

Funnel Theory: How to Build an Online Sales Machine

Discover sales funnels secrets that generated over $100M in less than six months.

Funnel Theory teaches you how to build and scale your business online using sales funnels. What makes funnels so powerful? They're fully automated. Once set up, the system will function independently, reaching out to new customers and generating passive income—all without any additional work from your side. This way, you can optimize your sales and marketing processes, cutting expenses and increasing the conversion rate.

In Funnel Theory, Jonathon Kendall shares the four-step process he used to scale hundreds of companies, including renowned brands such as Radioshack and Pier 1 Imports:

1- Building an ascension model, a portfolio of products that function under the same unique value proposition.

2- Setting up the sales system by choosing one of five wireframes and building the corresponding web pages (landing page, checkout page, opt-in form, etc.).

3- Promoting through one or more of the six main types of marketing: organic, direct mail, push, pull, referrals, and affiliate.

4- Optimizing the lifetime value of your customers through value giving.

Jonathon's team has used this process to build funnels for clients from all industries—SaaS, fitness training, law firms, real estate, education, books, and food. And the results? Complete business transformation.

With this book, there'll be no more worries about how much marketing spend goes into each client or why those missing leads disappear. Just set up the system once and let it do the work.


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Book Information

Language: English

Paperpack: 294 pages

Publishing date: October 2022

ISBN-13: 979-8-9859946-0-5

About The Author

Serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker, author, and avid reader—Jonathon Kendall is on a mission to help optimize your life and business. As the CEO of DealRaise and the co-founder of VirtualWorkerNow and Sonic Funnel, he’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs scale their businesses.