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Jonathon Kendall

The Architecture of Success

This is not a book to read for leisure. Get ready to DO the work.

How many times have you tried to change your habits, achieve a goal, or improve an area of your life, yet ended with an epic failure?

You might've tried hard for a few days, but sooner or later, you got frustrated, threw in the towel, and wound up on the couch, binge-watching Netflix.

It’s not you... It’s your process that sucks. 

After years of observing successful people, studying psychology, and testing his theories, Jonathon Kendall came up with the Architecture of Success that provides simple steps ANYONE can follow to improve their habits, rebuild their mindset, and consequently transform their life. 

It doesn’t matter where you are, what you want, or how long you’ve been trying and failing. 

The architecture works for everyone in five simple steps:

  • Step 1: Define your purpose, vision, and goals. 
  • Step 2: Develop a success mindset and nourish your self-worth. 
  • Step 3: Prepare for adversity and learn to bounce back quickly.
  • Step 4: Build the right habits to achieve your goals.
  • Step 5: Slowly but consistently improve every area of your life: health, relationships, money, community, and career.

Einstein said you can’t keep using the same approach and expect a different result. The Architecture of Success is a new approach that will differently yield outstanding results in your life. Don’t let self-doubt trick you into thinking that you’re the problem or that nothing works for you. Try the Architecture of Success Now. 

Book Information

Language: English

Paperpack: 300 pages

Publishing date: 2023

About The Author

Serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker, author, and avid reader—Jonathon Kendall is on a mission to help optimize your life and business. As the CEO of DealRaise and the co-founder of VirtualWorkerNow and Sonic Funnel, he’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs scale their businesses.